18 x 24 oil painting remembering a loved family pet. $275.00

Family portrait drawn as a gift

Personalized paintings, portrait drawings, and calligraphic quotations are the areas in which I specialize. These items make for great gifts, home décor, or simply keepsakes. If you need a one of a kind work of art, contact me and I'll be able to create it for you. Prices vary depending on the type of artwork you order, size, framing, and the time it takes create.

8 1/2 x 11 oil painting with biblical quotation

part of 3 painting series for a friend

100 dollars each

2ft x 3ft oil painting of my brother's first two Alaskan huskies. $300.00

Email d8s4rf@gmail.com or call/text 419-566-5559 to order!

Simple watercolor and calligraphy pen quotation done as gift

12 x 16 oil painting with family quotation

200 dollars

11 x 14 watercolors of pet dogs​

​$75.00 each


sketched portraits

75 dollars unframed

(J&B Acoustical employee portraits)

​Custom Artwork